You invest a great deal of time, effort, and money to develop innovative technologies. You invest even more to manufacture, distribute, and market the products and services that embody these technologies. Schacht Law Office is here to protect these innovations.

Schacht Law Office helps your clients identify, secure, and maintain their intellectual property rights. Intellectual property—patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets—allow its owner to control the commercialization of inventions, goodwill, works of authorship, and other commercial work product. By protecting these rights and taking steps to avoid infringing the rights of others, you can invest in new products with confidence that these investments will pay off in the form of increased profits and market share. Without intellectual property protection, your competitors can simply adopt the technologies or features that give your products a competitive advantage. Providing competitors with free search and development services is clearly not a recipe for success. Schacht Law Office helps you to protect the value of your business by preventing others from marketing products or services that make use of your investment in intellectual property.


Trust and Courtesy
Michael R. Schacht is the founder and owner of Schacht Law Office, Inc. Mike combines solid engineering knowledge with a strong background in patent and trademark prosecution. The primary goal of Schacht Law Office is to provide our clients with intellectual property guidance and assistance tailored to their needs. To that end, Mike has limited his practice to issues related to intellectual property. Mike’s education, background, and experience allow Schacht Law Office to provide legal expertise that you would expect to find in large cities, and our small town location allow us to offer highly responsive, courteous service at a reasonable cost.


You can select the Intellectual Property legal services that best suit your circumstances, from filing patent and trademark applications to full Intellectual Property planning.

  • Searches and Formal Opinions
  • US Applications
  • Foreign Applications
  • Searches and Formal Opinions
  • US Applications
  • Foreign Applications
  • Portfolio Development
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Training Seminars
  • In-depth IP Training Courses


For legal services that protect your rights and minimize future problems related to intellectual property, Schacht Law Offices has resources and an array of services like no other in the Northwest.


Mike has a degree in Engineering and has extensive experience in the electrical, software, mechanical, and simple chemical arts. He aggressively searches for product features that can be legally protected.


An IP plan tailored to the development of a specific product or group of related products. Such a plan typically identifies patentable features, proposes right-to use searches and trademark searches.


Mike has over 25 years of intellectual property experience. He has prepared and prosecuted over 900 hundred patent applications. He’s obtained and is currently maintaining hundreds of trademark registrations.


Schacht Law Office employs a professional, courteous, and highly responsive staff with over fifty years of cumulative experience in intellectual property law.


We maintain associate relationships with intellectual property law firms in the major industrialized countries. They’ve been selected based on reliability, timeliness, and the quality of their work.


Clients with in-house IP expertise are capable of determining strategy. Schacht Law Office will assist these clients with patent procurement, as is necessary to carry out their predetermined strategy.


We can provide a plan for guiding company-wide intellectual property decisions. A Company IP Plan typically defines policies related to trade secrets, invention disclosures, noncompete issues, and procurement priorities.


Mike works closely with his clients and thus has significant experience with business issues—finance, manufacturing, operations, and marketing—beyond intellectual property.


We have the in-house resources to cover all tasks associated with meeting any of your IP requirements. We're here to serve our clients to the fullest extent possible.